Easy and Fun Landscaping for your Rental Property

Summer is a great time to work in the yard!

As a renter OR an owner, whether you do it yourself or hire a landscaping company to do the work, keeping up with the lawn and landscaping in a way that is easy and cost-effective will only add to your happiness with your property. Here are some ideas to get your summer planting adventure going!

Morning watering

If you are renting, find out if you are responsible for the yard or if the owner or the property manager has a landscaping company lined up. Even if someone is coming to mow, however, you should still stay on top of the watering to maintain a beautiful place.

Landscapers agree the best time to water your yard is during the early morning hours. Watering in the morning gives the roots a chance to absorb the moisture before the temperatures get so warm that the water just evaporates. Afternoon watering not only runs the risk of the moisture evaporating, but some grasses go dormant in the warmer hours, so the water winds up wasted either way. Watering in the evening hours runs the risk of damp grass breeding fungus overnight. And a good long watering every few days can be more effective than frequent light waterings.


Regular mowing on the right settings makes a big difference in how your yard may thrive. Cutting short might reduce the frequency of mows, but it damages the grass and you can wind up with a brown yard. Mowing on a regular schedule at 2 inches to 4 inches can easily maintain a healthy yard.

Trim those shrubs

Whether you are a renter or an owner, on your own or with the help of a management company and/or a landscaping company, you’ll want to pay close attention to bushes or vines that hug your home because they can invite termites and other insects and vermin. To help prevent them from inviting unwanted critters or even interfering with a/c units or trapping moisture against the house and foundation, you’ll want to keep an eye on bushes, vines, and shrubs and make sure they are neatly trimmed.

Brighten things with flowers

If you are given the green light to plant, plant away! If there are restrictions, turn to container planting. And if you are an owner you’ll want to hear this tip for your plans! Perennials really bring the bang for the buck. Plant them once, and these beautiful and hardy plants will bloom year after year adding your touch to your home.  Perennials can also be used to control the lawn or garden border and prevent soil erosion. And when it comes to choosing your variety,  a garden can always include low-maintenance evergreens and other bushes. Shrubs like boxwood, hydrangeas, and spirea will help you build an attractive, low-maintenance garden. Living in North Texas it is also prudent to consider drought-tolerant plants that can tolerate the Texas heat, conserve water, and are low-maintenance.



Low-maintenance landscaping and a little investment in a few key elements will keep costs low and make the property more attractive. In some cases renters will even pay more to rent a well-landscaped home. Many rental property owners, however, don’t think of landscaping as an investment but instead view it as a necessary nuisance. The reality is, though, that most tenants will expect/hope that a property be attractive. And on the flip-side, most owners will expect/hope the tenants will maintain the attractiveness of the property.

Don’t want to do all the work? You don’t have to. It’s just as easy (possibly easier) to set up a rotation with a landscaping company or to have your property manager handle landscaping (especially if your management company is also handling all other maintenance). Your property management company most likely has a standing relationship with a lawn care vendor who could give you a good price for the work. For a little extra in, you save a lot of time, energy, and effort, especially if yard work isn’t your thing.

Enjoy your beautiful yards in the summer sun!






Decor ideas to personalize your Rental

Make your Rental feel like Home

Renting is very popular! You can try different neighborhoods or even different parts of the country.

But renting can sometimes lack the warm, personalized, lived-in feeling that a permanent home can develop. A go-to thought might be color, but most property owners do not allow tenants to wallpaper or paint. In fact, always know your lease as most owners have pretty strict rules regarding what you can change.

But do not fret! Here are some tips to making your space feel like YOUR space.

Add Plants

Adding color and texture with plants can quickly and affordably transform your space into a Home. Houseplants also purify the air so that’s a win-win!

5 “easy to care for” indoor plants to try: Spider Plant, Air Plant, Pothos, Peace Lilly, or Croton all make beautiful additions to your space. (PLEASE NOTE:  If you have pets, always research any plant you introduce into your pet’s environment to ensure the plant is safe for your pet!)

Add Layers

Finding bright whimsical rugs or opting for warm, mysterious-colored rugs can dramatically change any room. Tying a space together with rugs, throw pillows, and of course window coverings can change the feel of any space. Do check to be sure your property owner is ok with hanging drapes or switching out blinds!

MAKE it yours

“Sentimental” can go a long way when it comes to the feeling you can get from a space. We all probably have a piece or two that just “feel like home.” Maybe it’s art that is personal to you, or a piece of furniture that has been in your family, or a photo that just makes you feel good all over. Incorporating the things you love is a sure way to make a space feel like yours. Let that book collection or that side table take a spot in the limelight!

Choose lighting that is right for you

The light in a room can instantly change the way we feel. Change out the bulbs for the quality of light that YOU prefer, that makes YOU feel happy, or warm, or most importantly, just at home. Decorate with accent lamps or floor lamps to get just the right tone and you will instantly see the mood of a room change into your haven.

Get comfortable!

Getting unpacked as quickly as possible can truly make a world of difference! A half-unpacked space filled with boxes can never take on the personality you want or ever really feel like home. It doesn’t have to be perfect right away, there is always time to rearrange and make everything “just right.” The goal to unpacking and removing unsightly boxes is to physically take control of the space and make it yours.


Your team here at All County Metroplex Property Management wants you to be happy and comfortable wherever life takes you. We hope these tips help transform any space you choose into YOUR space.

Happy Decorating!